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Golf Carts

2023-07-09 00:00:00 / episode: 174



"Golf carts.

Have you ever ridden in a golf cart? I can't remember if I've actually ridden in a golf cart when I was a boy growing up in Canada, golf was a kind of expensive court, um, sport.

Now you could golf.

And I did golf.

We went to the very, very cheap par three golf course because it's par three.

It wasn't a full fledged golf course and the prices were cheaper and the golf course was smaller.

And as a result you didn't need all the clubs.

I think we only took three clubs and they were all irons.


Now, the part three is short.

So we didn't have golf carts.

My parents wouldn't let me rent a golf cart and of course, we didn't own a golf cart.

Some rich people own their own golf carts, but we certainly didn't in Japan.

I, I haven't been to any golf courses.

But, um, I believe that walking is best.

Maybe some people use golf carts and I can see if you're a little bit older, you might, might want a golf cart.

But half of the reason of going golfing is for the exercise.

The good walk and I think you should walk and carrying a few golf clubs shouldn't be that onerous.

Now, if you have an extremely heavy golf bag and lots of clubs that's heavy.

But try and pair it down, get yourself down to three or four clubs and a very, very small golf club bag.

You should be ok.

On the other hand, golf carts are great fun.

I would love to drive one of those things go roaring up and down the golf course and maybe it would be like the movies, but take it out onto the road.

That would be crazy and dangerous.

Of course, golf carts look like a lot of fun, but I think they're restricted to those with money."