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Gorilla Glass

2023-11-04 00:00:00 / episode: 292


Hi, welcome to the Les Perras dot com podcast.

Naturally, I'm Les Perras.

And you're listening to episode 292.

I want to talk about gorilla glass.

Do you know what gorilla glass is? It's a very, very tough kind of glass.

They gave it the name Gorilla glass to basically say, well glass and gorilla put the two together.

We think of gorillas.

Gorillas are tough.

Gorilla glass is tough when they advertise gorilla glass, they have a gorilla in the picture and the gorilla sometimes even holds the glass and it can't break it because it's really tough.

They made the gorilla glass because Apple wanted a tough glass surface for their smartphones.

Apple made the smartphone, people dropped it, the glass broke, it shattered, it was dangerous and the whole uh smartphone had to be returned fixed or buy a new one.

The gorilla glass has changed all that.

Gorilla glass is super tough so you can drop it from a meter and it won't break if you drop it from higher or if you throw it down, it will break eventually.

It's not uh impervious, it's not unbreakable, but it's really tough.

And it can still transmit the electronic signals from your finger through the glass into the iphone.

That's really important.

Otherwise you couldn't do any touch signals on the iphone.

It's also scratch resistant and chip resistant.

Now, I've got a little bit of a glass film covering my smartphone.

I don't have an iphone and that's protected it a lot.

But I've dropped my, my, my smartphone quite a few times.

I just dropped it last night and it still doesn't have a crack or chip in the main glass cover, the cheap glass covering.

I put on top kind of a film that's got all sorts of cracks and chips in it.

I don't care about that and that's not really protecting my gorilla glass that much.

I think that the gorilla glass is wonderful.

You can use it for all sorts of other things.

When I was rehearsing for this podcast, I was talking about the company that made Gorilla Glass Corll because corning, pardon me? Corning made the Gorilla Glass to order for Apple Company and they make glass for all sorts of applications, including things that NASA uses.

So I figured they make something that's pretty good and they want to make it even better.

Tell me if you've had bad experiences with your smartphone glass covering in the comments below.

Thanks for listening.