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Handmade Furniture

2023-11-22 00:00:00 / episode: 310


Handmade furniture is the best furniture there is, because it's made by hands, not machines.

There are two kinds.

There's obviously do it yourself furniture.

Then there's custom-made furniture.

Let's take a look at some of the good points and the bad points of each.

Hi and welcome to the Les Perras podcast for extensive English listening.

This is episode 310 and naturally it's about the hand made furniture.

These podcasts are great for listening to a wide variety of vocabulary.

Do it yourself furniture

Do-it-yourself furniture is, as the name implies, furniture that you make by yourself.

If you make the furniture by yourself it's going to take a lot of time.

If you're like me you're probably not very good at making these things because it's not your job.

The resulting quality won't be as good either.

On the other hand you're going to have tremendous satisfaction.

You know that you built it and if you want to modify it later it's no problem because after all, you built it.

You also get the satisfaction of making the furniture exactly fit what you want it to fit to.

My Friend

My friend made a lot of the furniture in his house and it was really cool.

He made furniture that doesn't exist anywhere else.

I saw the furniture.

I thought, he's really lucky to have hand-made furniture made exactly the way he wants it.

On the other hand you might not be very good.

It might not be very strong or maybe it won't look very good either.

You might also have higher costs.

You see, commercial furniture is mass produced.

It might be made of cheaper materials but they cost less.

Custom-made furniture

On the other hand, custom made furniture is probably going to be pretty expensive.

You get the benefit of knowing it's well made, and it's almost certain to be really good looking.

If you get really expensive custom made furniture it might be made exactly to the order of your house.

It might even be built into your house and attached to your house.

Built in Furniture

Furniture that's attached to the house can be a real benefit.

I noticed that one of the Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in Japan had furniture that was built into the house.

It looks much easier to clean because you can't move the furniture you just clean around it.

It's also going to be made of higher quality materials because most custom-made furniture makers aren't going to use low quality material.

But the problem is it's going to be really expensive.

And because it's expensive you don't want to use it too much and you don't want to damage it so you might not be able to relax around the house with custom-made furniture in it.

But you could feel really good if your friends come to visit.

You can show off the beautiful furniture in your house.

There's no doubt about it in my mind, handmade furniture is going to be better.

Even if it isn't pretty.

Either it's pretty or it's cheap and you can feel relaxed around it, but either way you're going to love it.

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