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2023-10-18 00:00:00 / episode: 275


Hello and welcome to the Les Paris podcast today.

I'd like to bring up a new topic in episode 275 today, it's hangovers.

Kind of a funny topic.

A hangover is what happens if you drink too much alcohol and then you go to bed and you don't take very much water.

You don't drink much water.

The next day, your body is very dehydrated.

You often feel sick.

Different people experience their hangovers in different ways.

Some people get headaches for me.

It was like a general full body illness.

I felt like I'd been poisoned and indeed I have alcohol is poison.

It's poison for your body.

It's not good for you.

It's not part of your natural, um, diet.

It intoxicates us and it takes, it, it takes its toll.

You have to pay a price when you get drunk.

The next day, you get the hangover, you can avoid the hangover a little bit by drinking lots of water.

That helps but it never completely erases it.

Another one is turmeric.

You can avoid a lot of the effects of the hangover if you eat or drink turmeric that's become popular here in Japan.

They sell a small drink that a lot of people drink before they go and drink alcohol.

It comes in a small can and it's full of turmeric in the water, in the, in the drink in the can.

It doesn't taste bad either.

And surely enough.

I know from experience you don't get nearly as bad a hangover, but nothing can eliminate hangovers completely.

The next day you're always feeling a little bit down.

Well, I am, I suppose it depends on the person and it depends on what you drink.

Too different drinks cause different levels of hangover, which drink causes the worst hanger for hover for you.

Or have you ever had a hangover myself? I avoid them these days by not drinking too much at mostly I'll have one, maybe two beers on a very rare occasion, maybe a glass of wine, but I almost never get hangovers because I don't drink enough to get hangovers.

And that's what I call clever.

Enjoy a bit, but not too much.

Thanks for listening to today's podcast.