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House Technology

2023-03-15 00:00:00 / episode: 58



House technology. Do you know much about house technology? There's a lot to know today, I'm going to talk about automated houses. Okay. Now, automated houses are when you add certain electronic components so that you can control things around your house, for instance, you might have a sensor, an electronic sensor. So when you walk into the room, it knows you're there and it turns on the light for you. You might not always want that so you could put in another sensor and this sensor will sense sound and then when you clap, it'll turn off the light or turn it on. Depending some of these electronic devices can get pretty fancy. You can hook them up to the internet, connect them to your smartphone and then you can change the temperature in your house when you're gone. Now, back home in Canada, we had uh a furnace and a thermostat and you could hook that up so that you could control the temperature in the house. Now, I live in Japan and most of the rooms in Japan are controlled independently by individual coolers. So 11 room has a cooler in the other room, no cooler or the cooler is turned off and the temperature is different. I bet you could hook those up to your home automated system to, you could even put in a security system or a camera so that when people come and go, you can take videos or photos and you can have alarms hooked into these things or you could have a pet feeder so that when you're gone, you can give food to your pet because it's getting hungry. There's almost no end to the things that we could do with house technology. Do you have any home technology going on at your house?