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Imagine all the Hairpins Just Disappeared!

2024-01-30 00:00:00 / episode: 373


Imagine a world, where, all of a sudden, out of the blue all the hairpins instantly disappear. You can just begin to imagine the chaos that would ensue in such a disastrous event. Hi and welcome to the Les Perras podcast episode number 373. This episode is about hairpins or rather how much we rely on hairpins, and what would happen if they all disappeared.


Take Sarah for instance. She's at work, and she feels confident about her appearance because she has her hair up in a bun, and the bun is being held in place with hair pins. Then to her shock and chagrin suddenly her bun, which took her time and effort to arrange in the morning, falls to pieces and her hair tumbles down wildly across her shoulders. She feels nervous and embarrassed, because she never goes out with her hair down or loose or not nicely styled. Her confidence in the day is shot and she can no longer function effectively.


Sandra is a famous actress, and she's at the Grammy awards show. She's just been announced the winner of the Grammy award for best actress, and she's in front of the podium, making her speech when wham! Her beautiful hair, all held in place by hairpins, tumbles down across her shoulders in a very sprawled, messy fashion, and the crowd begins to laugh. Sandra feels shock and embarrassment and has trouble making the rest of her speech and she's helped off the stage by assistants.


Tom uses hairpins to keep his toothpaste neat and tidy. He puts the hairpin on the end of the tube of toothpaste, and as he uses toothpaste, he gradually pushes the hairpin down the tube. This makes him feel confident and organized and clean until bang! The hairpin disappears, and his freshly squeezed tube of toothpaste remains, squeezed, rumpled, and untidy. His wife walks into the room and says “finally, you've decided to relax about this!” Which brings on a new argument between them about how to use the toothpaste.


Joey has been instructed by his mother to get a piece of tape. There was a convenient hairpin tucked under the end of the tape to make it easy to find the end of the tape. But since that has mysteriously evaporated, the end of the tape is now almost impossible for Joey to find, he looks and tries and scratches but he can't find the end of the tape and his mother is getting impatient and angry. Joey begins to cry.


Victor was out skiing in the mountains. Unfortunately for Victor, he just fell over into a pile of deep snow. His jacket was open for ventilation. He reached down to do up the zipper, but he couldn't find it. The zipper tab had broken off two weeks earlier and he had a hairpin fastened onto the zipper, in place of the tab. Sadly, the hairpin is now also missing, and Victor cannot do up his jacket despite the increasing cold and his sad predicament in the snow. Victor is in trouble.

As you can See

As you can see, hairpins are intrinsically important to our life in general. We would be at a loss if we did not have hairpins. Please take your hairpins seriously and be sure to preserve and maintain them!

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