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2023-06-15 00:00:00 / episode: 150



"IT IT stands for information technology and it's kind of a little bit old now.

I think the new term that's taking over is A I, but let's stay with I T for now I T is information technology and it's not the super duper ramped up computer stuff or it can be, but it's also simple things.

Can you program a computer if you can't program a computer? That's OK.

You can use software programs that are done for you to do other things, to use the information.

For instance, Excel, Excel spreadsheets have really taken off these days.

People love Excel and they love the Google version uh Google Sheets and they can do all sorts of things with their data and it's fairly easy.

You don't have to be a technical wizard.

Although now there's um Excel wizards, of course, then there's just C G I computer graphics and um all the programs that go with that one program that I use is Blender and that's great for making extremely realistic graphics, but it's hard to use.

There's lots and lots of graphics programs out there, even just Photoshop or um some of the free alternatives that are just as good almost.

And then there's just plain data.

Everybody's learning about data these days.

And data driven information and technology, if you don't have uh control of your computer, your computer has control of you think of it that way.

So you should learn I T and if you don't have control of your smartphone, your smartphone has control of you think of it like a horse and rider.

If you don't know I t right now get some good I T skills and take control of your machines."