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Kitchen Fans

2023-10-06 00:00:00 / episode: 263


.com podcast today's topic is Kitchen fans

probably your kitchen has a fan

maybe you use it maybe you don't

some people really love using those fans and piping out the bad smells out of their kitchen especially if you're cooking fish

the fish can get really strong smelling if you fry it so you want to get the smell out

but I'm really happy that my kitchen has a fan because I have an English conversation school and during the coronavirus pandemic there was concern about people being together in a small space

when I turned on the kitchen fan I was able to ventilate the room adequately and keep it safe for me and my students and that was a lifesaver for me

I think that saved my business

kitchen fans are incredibly powerful

I have a CO2 monitor in my classroom and if I don't have the fan on the CO2 definitely goes up and then when I do turn it on the CO2 comes back down to a reasonable level in five minutes or less

if you think the kitchen fan isn't working very well probably the smells in your kitchen are just plain too strong

but those fans are powerful and they work I recommend you use one thanks for listening today and see you next time