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2023-07-11 00:00:00 / episode: 176




Do you go shopping in malls? I don't go shopping in malls very often.

Maybe now I go about once or twice a year but I still find malls convenient.

I like them because there's parking and there's a lot of shops all together.

That means I don't have to travel from store to store, either walking long distances or driving.

And if I'm driving, then I'd have to keep finding a new parking spot, a new parking spot.

I like to go to malls, but at the same time I'm very careful.

I don't go to malls after about noon because they're crowded.

It seems like most people don't wake up early, they wake up late or at least they get moving late.

So, one of the malls that I like to visit, I like to get there at about 10.

If I can maybe 10 30.

At that point, it's quite open and free in the mall.

There's not many people.

It's quite pleasant walking through the mall and going from store to store.

Usually at about 11 30 it starts to get busy and at about 12, I kind of wanna go home because it's not very nice.

It's too crowded.

The other advantage of going early is that I can get a parking spot.

Now, let's go back to the malls themselves.

There's different kinds of malls.

The typical mall I think of is all indoor.

You walk from store to store indoors.

But there's another kind of mall called strip malls.

These malls are quite common in Canada.

Actually, I can't understand why they're so common.

Canada is a wintry cold country and strip malls means you have to walk from store to store outside.

Well, I can't understand why they want people walking around outside in Canada, except that the cost of the mall itself, you'd have to heat the indoor spaces.

So the strip mall will be cheaper.

Each store pays for its own heating.

And in that sense, I can see how they'd save money anyway.

They're very, very popular in Canada.

But I don't see too many strip malls here in Japan.

What kind of mall do you like to shop at?"