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Modern Travel

2023-06-17 00:00:00 / episode: 152



"Modern travel recently.

Well, let, let's say the last 50 years, travel has undergone massive revolution.

If you include the last 150 or 200 years, it's even stronger before that travel was slow and often painful and difficult.

You could move by horseback or carriage.

If you were rich, more often than not, you moved on foot.

And if you had to go very, very far, which is only an extremely small number of people you got on a boat and the boat would take you and that was still slow and dangerous.

Now these days travel has become cheap so anybody can do it.

Well, of course, international travel still costs a lot of money.

But what I mean is, if you want to go a few 100 kilometers, it's very easy for most people and it's quick.

Our modern cars, they move 100 kilometers an hour.

So, you know, 200 kilometers, two hours.

If you're in a very urban area, it might take three or four, there might be lots of traffic and uh roads with stop signs and lights, but it's still extremely easy to travel.

Going overseas is even easier if you have a bit of cash, you can buy an airplane ticket and you're there in six hours.

So it's also become very, very comfortable in the past.

You were walking like a drudge in the rain or in the baking sun.

Now you can sit back and relax in a nice comfortable chair, listen to music, perhaps even watch a movie and it's probably air conditioned too.

So modern travel is wonderful.

We live like princes today.

It's a miracle that we're all so unhappy.

Despite living like princes, we really should take a look at how things were in yesteryear to enjoy today."