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2023-05-13 00:00:00 / episode: 117




What's your image of motorcycles? When I was growing up in Canada, motorcycles were sort of the image of freedom and uh lone wolf and bicycle.

Bike gangs, you know, the, the big hells angels type gangs, dangerous people.

There's all sorts of images associated with motorcycles.

They're certainly fun.

I got a motorcycle here in Japan.

It had a small engine but I, it had all the features of a motorcycle, the high engine and change the gears with your toe.

And so I felt like I was really riding a motorcycle even though it didn't have a lot of power and as it turns out motorcycles don't need a lot of power.

Some of the motorcycles I see, you know, they're 400 ccs or 800 ccs.

These are big engines, those are crazy big and no motorcycle needs that much because even a 2 50 engine is gonna get you going fast enough.

They're a little bit tricky to learn how to ride at first, but they have a great feeling of freedom and wind and speed.

They feel faster than cars and they accelerate faster than cars.

Some people like motorcycles because of the group mentality, I suppose that's possible.

But for me, it's more the spirit of adventure and freedom and individuality being alone on the road.

Of course, you can get off road motorcycles as well.

BMX road motorcycles.

Those look like a lot of fun, although they also look quite dangerous.

Pardon me? I should change that.

The motorcycle isn't dangerous.

The road that you're riding on is dangerous and the way you drive it is dangerous.

Motorcycles can be dangerous.

But I would be more, much more concerned about the other cars on the road than my own motorcycle driving capacity because cars sometimes don't see motorcycles and sometimes they don't care about motorcycles.

About the only motorcycles I don't like are the noisy ones.

If you ride a motorcycle, please keep it quiet."