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Nail Guns

2023-05-25 00:00:00 / episode: 129



"Nail guns, nail guns revolutionized the building industry before there were nail guns.

A carpenter had to hit the nail with a hammer to drive it into the wood.

Of course, you had to hit accurately.

A good carpenter could hit the nail on the head every time and he could hit with power to drive the nail in quickly.

A bad car prisoner would bend nails, they would hit the wood on the side.

They would miss the nail or take a lot of hits.

In other words, they were slower and wasteful.

So a good carpenter saved money and saved time when nail guns came along, that skill was not necessary.

The gun did everything.

It drove the nail in perfectly every time.

As long as you put the nail gun in the right position, you were good to go.

That meant lower skilled carpenters could be used.

They were cheaper and they could drive nails much faster.

So you could start building buildings faster.

The nail guns revolutionized the industry, but they took the skill out of carpentry in building the houses.

And I don't know if that was a good thing or not.

Nail guns themselves.

Are not a bad thing, but like any other tool, depending on how we use it.

It could be good or bad.

They're also quite dangerous.

They shoot nails, the nail comes springing out of the nail gun and it can be shot across the room and stick in a wall.

I don't think they are quite, you know, deadly like a gun, but they certainly could hurt somebody and cause accidents.

So you don't want to leave your nail guns around where Children could get at them.

On the other hand, they're a lot of fun because you have power at your fingertips.

Nail guns have changed the world."