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Nobel Prize

2023-02-22 00:00:00 / episode: 37



The Nobel prize.

Many, many people aspire to win the Nobel prize and it's kind of a pinnacle prize after you win the Nobel,

There's no other prizes that can compete with the Nobel prize? Where did it come from? The Nobel prize was started by Alfred Nobel in 1895.

Since then, it's been given to 900 people, well, more than 900 people and organizations.

The Nobel prize is awarded in a variety of areas, including medicine, physics, chemistry, literature, economics,

and peace, I think maybe the Peace prize is the most famous of all of them,

but they're all quite famous and prestigious.

Alfred Nobel got a lot of money through his business making dynamite, and since dynamite was used in war for explosives,

he felt a little bit bad about that.

He didn't want to be remembered for making bombs, he wanted to be remembered for doing something good.

So that's why he used the money he earned to establish the Nobel prize Over the years,

the Nobel prize has been given to various people and sometimes it's been controversial.

For instance, Henry Kissinger and Got the Nobel Prize in 1973, they were involved in the Vietnam War.

A lot of people felt if you're involved in some kind of conflict, you shouldn't win the prize for peace.

It seems kind of strange, doesn't it? Another problem with the Nobel prize is not everybody around the world gets it,

It seems to be concentrated in Western countries.

So what gives, how come we're giving the prizes to people from a small group of countries,

I think we need to look into how we can make the Nobel prize a little bit more fair and distribute it on more international lines?

What do you think?