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Noisy Commercials

2023-09-22 00:00:00 / episode: 249



"Noisy commercials.

Do you know what I mean? When I say noisy commercials, usually these are the commercials that you don't like in my house, the radio is usually on so I can hear commercials on the radio every morning.

I hear the same commercials.

I won't say what they are.

That's not the important thing, but it's the same place advertising the same thing.

It's the same commercial frankly.

I hate it.

They're noisy.

I don't like them.

They've attracted my attention because I hate them.

However, when I was in university, I learned about noisy commercial a little bit and I discovered one thing that makes me even more angry if you hate the noisy commercial that makes it work better.

The noisy commercials are the ones that you remember and the ones that you remember are the ones that you give your business to.

Let's face it if you hear one business and there's three businesses out there, but you only hear about one business, even if you hate it, you don't know the other two.

So you're gonna give your business to that guy.

Now, of course, let's say they're, they're advertising lipstick.

Of course, if it was a noisy commercial.

I'm a guy, I'm never gonna use lipstick.

So it's just a noisy commercial.

But if they're advertising, let's say running shoes, I might dislike the commercials.

But if I know nothing else about running shoes, I'm going to go to the one that I know you don't buy things that you don't know, you buy things that, you know, so these noisy commercials actually work, they make money for their business.

I kind of wonder about this model because they're making money.

They're making more money by making us miserable by making us listen to these commercials and hate them.

What can we do about noisy commercials? Well, there's not much, I avoided noisy commercials by getting rid of my TV.

So I don't watch TV.

But now we have radio so I still have exposure to noisy commercials.

What noisy commercials do you hate?"