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2023-09-04 00:00:00 / episode: 231




That's kind of the old Greek plural for octopus.

Of course, you can say octopuses.

But personally, I prefer octopi.

It's more, uh, correct in my mind closer to the original form.

Anyway, octopi are really, really, uh, interesting creatures.

They don't have any bones, they don't have any shells.

They are just soft bodied animals and they can take just about whatever shape they want.

They can squeeze themselves in and out of extremely small containers and they're very intelligent, or at least they're alleged to be very intelligent.

They can get themselves out of a fish tank, crawl across the ground and get themselves back into a fish tank where there are fish and eat them.

So that tells me that they're pretty intelligent.

They can also open doors and close the doors behind themselves.

So if you come and you see the octopus and you look at the other tank and it's empty, you can pretty much be assured that the octopus went over and ate them even if it closed the door on its own container behind itself.

These are pretty cool, but they don't live very long and the females, once they give birth to their young.

I, I don't know if this is 100% true but I heard that they go off and die.

So, I mean, that's kind of bleak.

Have your babies and die not much of a life there, but they can change their colors and they have ink socks when they change their colors that helps them to camouflage.

So they blend in with the surroundings and it's much more difficult for other animals to see them.

They can look just like a rock.

They could also make themselves bright colors to frighten off other animals.

And I've seen them in the videos, go and check youtube octopus camouflage and you'll see some pretty cool videos of octopuses, octopi changing their colors and they're a bit dangerous.

There have been cases where octopi have attacked humans.

I wouldn't want to be attacked by one anyway.

They're really cool creatures.

What do you think?