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Overnight Trains

2023-11-11 00:00:00 / episode: 299


Overnight trains.

Have you ever taken an overnight train?

if you haven't taken the overnight train, you're missing a great experience.


I had the good fortune to take an overnight train

when I was travelling through South Africa up into Zimbabwe.

It was my first experience of an overnight train and I loved it.

I got on that train before I saw any of the Harry Potter movies.

Trays Full of Snacks

Years later I watched the Harry Potter movies.

I saw the people on the trains coming by with trays full of snacks.

It reminded me of my experience in South Africa.

They really do have lovely trains like that,

where you have a small compartment

with a sliding door and windows

and people come by with trays selling food and other goodies to you.

I love that train and it was one of the great experiences

that I'll not forget in Africa.


I also took a sleeper train when I was in Kenya, going into Uganda.

Although it wasn't quite as high class as my experience in South Africa,

it was definitely great.

I just love looking out the window and travelling slowly.

I love going to sleep to the gentle rocking of the train.

I love waking up and being almost at my destination

with no rush and no panic to get moving as fast as you can.


I had another opportunity to take an overnight train

when I was in Singapore, travelling up into Malaysia.

Penang was my destination, having departed from Singapore . It was on that train that I met another traveller

and we decided to travel together for a week.

We had great fun, and it was really enjoyable seeing the sights with somebody else.

I enjoy travelling alone,

and I enjoy travelling with one or two other travellers as well.

They both have their merits.

When you travel alone it becomes much easier to visit with other people,

and if you're on a sleeper train,

or an overnight train,

you have plenty of time to visit and get to know a new person.


I think sleeper trains or overnight trains are the ultimate in luxury travel, because you have so many amenities available to you without the feeling of speed.

The feeling of speed now leaves me with the feeling of jet lag and I really don't like that very much.

Jet lag makes me feel sick and there's just no way around that.

Taking overnight trains gives you a nice luxurious approach to travel.

On the other hand you can only travel on overnight trains if you have the luxury of time.

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