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Paper Cups

2023-06-14 00:00:00 / episode: 149



"Paper cups.

They're wonderful things.

I remember when I was a boy, we went to the lake and we had paper cups.

I remember going to the church and we drank from paper cups, all sorts of social functions, barbecues celebrations.

We have paper cups.

I've drunk beer from paper cups.

I've drunk cola from paper cups and melon soda and I've drunk milk from paper cups and tea from paper cups.

They're wonderful.

But they're more than just drinking.

You can use paper cups for storage.

You can put things in them.

Even as we speak.

I have several paper cups in my school that are just holding things.

You can color the paper cups.

I colored them as a child.

I put pictures on them today.

I color them different colors and I use them for teaching language.

Paper cups are versatile.

They're light and they're cheap and disposable.

Of course, I don't like wasting paper cups.

Nobody likes wasting, but I don't have a big um bad feeling when I have to throw one away.

I can use it.

I can cut it, I can throw it away.

You can put candles in them.

You can use them as candle holders.

I've seen them at festivals in Japan where they light up temples and they put candles in the paper cups.

They're stable and they're safe.

Even if a paper cup catches on fire, it's easy to put that fire out.

It's very small and it won't burn for too long.

You can make the paper cups into candles themselves, fill the cup with wax and put a wick in it and you can make a candle.

You can decorate them and cut shapes into them.

You can make them into houses by turning them upside down.

There must be hundreds of uses for paper cups.

Do you have paper cups in your house? If you don't, why not? They're tremendously useful."