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PET Bottles

2023-11-01 00:00:00 / episode: 289


Hi, I'm Les Perras. Welcome to the Les Perras dot com podcast. This is episode 289. And I wanna talk about pet bottles a few weeks ago. I was in Osaka and I was visiting some relatives who were in Japan from Canada. We had a great lunch at a sushi restaurant and then we went to Osaka Park, Osaka Castle Park. We were walking around in the sun. It was quite warm. We got thirsty. I didn't have anything with me except some cash and they did, they had their backpacks but they didn't have drinks in the backpacks. We saw a big row of vending machines and they were full of drinks that were in pet bottles. You might say to yourself. Now, wait a minute, Les, you're an environmental friendly person. Pet bottles are bad for the environment. The thought crossed my mind but right beside those pet bottled machines, the, the machine selling the drinks, there were recycle bins and I knew that if we had those pet bottle drinks, we could put the, the pet bottles themselves into the recycled bin. And so that's exactly what we did. We bought some great drinks. They were really yummy and not too expensive and convenient. We sat down and had a wonderful visit. We drank the drinks and put them in the recycle bins. So that was problem number one solved. I don't feel bad because my pet bottle will be recycled. What about recycling versus reusing? That also went through my mind. I kind of think about these things. I thought about having glass bottles, the problem with glass bottles, even though you can reuse them many times. It takes more energy to ship them around and to clean them and prepare them for reuse. The pet bottle actually uses or produces a smaller carbon footprint than reusing glass bottles. So that's why a lot of people don't make their drinks in glass bottles. The higher carbon footprint means it costs more money. So pet bottles are cheaper because they're more friendly to the environment. We had a great visit. We recycled our pet bottle drinks and they went home. Very happy with Japan. Thanks for listening today.