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2023-07-15 00:00:00 / episode: 180




Do you have a pet? And do you like pets? Different people have different ideas about pets.

Some people would never want a pet.

They might feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility or they might simply desire the freedom to leave their house and not worry about any pets that are in the house.

Other people love pets.

They long for the emotional attachment of the pet and some people just like animals, they have that feeling that animals are cool.

Now, what kind of pets can you get these days? The range of pets that people are keeping is amazing.

Of course, there's your dogs and cats.

Those are kind of standard these days.

But then we can get into the other kinds of pets like snakes and lizards and rodents, rodent, you know, guinea pigs and hamsters or pet mice even.

And you can even get into more exotic ones.

Birds, I think birds are a very exotic pet and some people get into extremely exotic pets, like they might have pet lions or pet chimpanzees.

Frankly, I think the exotic pets are not worth the trouble.

There's a lot of difficulty keeping them.

And although the image of, let's say a pet chimpanzee is that it's nice and friendly and easy to take care of.

I think the reality is quite a bit different dogs and cats have been domesticated.

People are used to them and know how to respond to them and work with them.

The other animals, not so much.

There is one exception though, I think cheetahs would be fairly easy to keep as pets because they behave just like cats.

I've been in an enclosure with cheetahs and they are friendly and they were just like great big cats.

After that, exotic pets would be difficult.

And if you have a pet, it means that you have to stay and take care of that pet or arrange for its care.

If you go away on a holiday, that's a big commitment.

If you ask me before you buy a pet, think about it."