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2023-05-04 00:00:00 / episode: 108



"Plumbing today.

I'd like to talk about the water coming in and out of our houses.

Can you imagine if we didn't have plumbing? I'll bet you couldn't.

Most people don't even think about plumbing.

They take it for granted.

But if we didn't have plumbing, we'd be in big trouble in the old days.

You had an outhouse, that's a toilet that was out and separate from your own house and you could easily run out to the outhouse and, you know, use the facilities or if you lived in a city, you had to put your waste into a bucket or pale and ship it out somehow, maybe get it carried away.

But these days we have toilets, flush toilets.

All the luxury life is so much easier.

Plus we have sinks in the kitchen with running water and not just running water but hot and cold, running water.

We live better than Princes did 300 years ago.

Honestly, we have a great standard of living and we should be very happy.

If we didn't have the plumbing, there would be terrible consequences.

Many people would get sick.

Disease would go crazy and we'd not be able to prepare food.

We'd spend much more time preparing food and keeping things clean.

Just the amount of water that we use for bathing and washing.

Our clothes is enormous.

We'd have to be running around in half washed clothes if we didn't have plumbing and plumbing carries the water up many floors to our high level, um, apartments.

Can you imagine what would happen with the plumbing in those situations? The people living anywhere above floor two or three couldn't live there anymore.

You'd have to carry your water up by hand.

That would be crazy.

Plumbing is truly one of the great miracles of modern society and I'm glad we have it."