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2023-10-01 00:00:00 / episode: 258



"Popcorn, isn't it? Wonderful stuff? I remember when I was a boy, I used to love eating popcorn.

I love the popcorn in the movie theaters and I love the popcorn at home.

The movie theater popcorn was just salty and buttery enough to make it extremely delicious.

I loved it.

Plus there was the whole idea that I was in a movie theater.

I was in a new experience.

A rare experience.

No, I didn't go to movies very often.

I did go to movies with my dad and I remember those.

They were great and the popcorn was great too.

I also remember watching movies on TV, at home and my dad would sometimes make the popcorn.

It was always my dad.

I'm not sure why, but my dad made the popcorn.

We had a special popcorn pot.

No, it wasn't only popcorn.

That's not what I mean.

When I say special.

I mean, when I, when we made popcorn it was always that pot.

So it was special for popcorn and he put it on the stove and he shook it back and forth.

He put the oil in with some of the popcorn seeds and he only put two or three and, and shook it back and forth on the stove until those two popped.

Then he put the rest in and he shook it back and forth.

And there was the marvelous pop, pop, pop, pop, popping sound of all the, um, the popcorn popping in the, in the pot and then it would push up the lid and all these popcorn would come out.

They actually didn't fall over the top very often.

They just pushed the lid up and then he took it off the stove and we added the, the butter, hot, melted butter and salt and mixed it up in a big popcorn bowl.

Another special popcorn bowl, we used the bowl for other things too.

But if we had popcorn, it was that bowl.

I have really warm memories of eating popcorn at home in front of the TV, with my family.

It was a wonderful experience and we all looked forward to it.

Sadly, we didn't always have popcorn.

There were many times when we asked for a popcorn and they said, no, I can understand that now, looking back, but it sure was a disappointment.

Not getting the popcorn.

On the other hand, it made getting the popcorn that much more special perhaps so I really enjoyed popcorn.

Tell me your memories of popcorn."