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Psychology of Color

2023-03-24 00:00:00 / episode: 67



"The psychology of color. I'm quite interested in color because I make websites and I want to use my color nicely. I started to research a little and I found color has, well, shall we say meanings or it makes us feel feelings when I was a boy, I heard that if you sit in a room and the walls of the room are painted pink, it will make you feel calm and relaxed. I've since heard the same thing said about light green and they say that blue inspires confidence and yellow gives a feeling of power and happiness and red gives a feeling of power, but either love or um fighting all these colors have feelings to them and they make people feel these feelings. I heard that the psychologist studied people across different cultures and they said generally speaking color crosses cultures. So if you feel this way and you come from a culture A, you'll probably feel the same way if you come from culture B and you see that color. On the other hand, cultures, well, they use color differently. For instance, in European cultures, white is the symbol of purity. But in uh well, at least in China, I heard that white is the symbol of death. So those colors have different meanings in different cultures. It's quite interesting to look at color and think, could I use this color and make people feel certain feelings, of course, make is a bit strong, but you might push them a little bit closer towards those, those feelings. If you have that color, I'm interested in how much color really does cross cultures? Is it really a fundamental human thing or does it go change with culture? What do you think?"