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2023-06-10 00:00:00 / episode: 145




Do you eat pumpkins? When I was a boy? I had pumpkin pie but not many people grew pumpkins because in Canada, the big orange pumpkins that most people have don't taste very good at all.

They're not yummy and they're not sweet.

The best thing we could do with a pumpkin we thought was to make it into a Jack O Lantern.

Carve a face into it and put a candle in it for Halloween and carving Jack O Lanterns was a real art.

People loved doing it.

I did as a boy, but I also loved pumpkin pie.

It was one of the most delicious desserts that I remember from my childhood.

Then I came to Japan.

I was shocked at the pumpkins in Japan.

I couldn't believe it.

Number one, they're not orange, they're green and it's a dark green.

That was a real shocker for me.

Number two, they're sweet and delicious.

I love pumpkins in Japan.

I was thinking how much we lost in Canada by growing these yucky tasteless pumpkins over in Canada in Japan.

You can do all sorts of things with pumpkins.

I haven't made a pumpkin pie with Japanese pumpkins I'm not sure how that would turn out.

That would be interesting.

But you can have pumpkins in your soup.

You can fry pumpkins, you can deep fried pumpkins.

There's just, you can have pumpkins in your curry.

I couldn't believe all the uses for pumpkins.

And they're a real fall type of dinner.

Pumpkins get ripe in the fall.

So you can eat the pumpkins in the fall.

There's some vegetables that you have in the spring and summer.

But pumpkins are in the fall and they have a rich warmth to them and they're really healthy for you.

Do you like pumpkins?"