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2023-05-03 00:00:00 / episode: 107




Do you listen to the radio? I'll bet a lot of people don't listen to the radio today.

It was much more common back in, uh, maybe the sixties and seventies people had radios in their houses and radios in their cars, they had portable radios.

You could listen to radio everywhere these days.

If people listen to radio they listen usually on the internet.

So they're gonna use a smartphone.

I think not many people actually buy a radio to play just radio at home and then there's TV, TV, came along and competed with radio in the 19 sixties and radio went down in popularity but it never went away.

It's still there today.

You, there are lots of radio stations but they all have a presence on the internet.

What about the origin of radio? Well, I'm not sure exactly who is the, exactly the first person to make the operating radio.

But it sure changed society.

It changed the way that we communicate, the way that we deal out news and emergencies.

It changed the way we fight because armies use radio and radio waves and radio signals are still a very, very important part.

Of communication, whether you're fighting or trading.

If we didn't have radio today, can you imagine what would happen? Probably a lot of international trade would grind to a halt and then we'd be stuck with rising prices and no things on the shelves and very, very unhappy people.

It would be a crisis.

Radio is in, is really, really important to society today and it's still a great way for musicians to broadcast their music to the masses, even though I think youtube is gaining in popularity there.

So tell me, what do you think about radio? Do you listen to it? Do you enjoy it? Thanks for listening."