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2023-05-06 00:00:00 / episode: 110




Think about the rain in your life.

What's your experience with rain? For some people? Rain is depressing for other people.

Rain is enlightening for some rain is an obstacle to overcome and for others, it's a chance for fun and joy.

Just imagine the song singing in the rain.

Although to be honest, he wasn't singing because of the rain.

I think he was singing in spite of the rain.

I remember years ago I watched a movie and there was a man in Vietnam and he talked about the rain in Vietnam.

He talked about different kinds of rain.

In Japanese.

There are many different words for the different kinds of rain, the heavy rains and the spring rains.

Even English has lots of words for rain and what is rain? It might seem simple to think about it.

But I've had arguments with people.

Sometimes it's misting out and they say it's raining.

But I say no, it's not actually raining.

It's more like a mist.

So I guess that what I'm trying to say is the amount is uh sort of different from person to person.

One person calls it rain.

The other person says it's not really raining yet.

Is it raining if you don't actually get very wet and the water dries off quickly, or is it only raining if you get soaked after walking for one minute? And what do you like to do on rainy days? I remember as a boy looking out the window at the rainy day and feeling great because I could stay inside, nice and warm and dry and read a book or maybe watch a movie.

Although I didn't watch that many movies when I was young, other people look at rain as a lost chance.

They can't get outside and all they think about is the, the stuff they're missing out on.

What's your personal take on rain?"