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2023-06-20 00:00:00 / episode: 155




There's something about rivers that speaks to the eternal in us.

If you sit down by a river, you will feel calm.

You can sit and watch the water as it goes by rivers have a calming, soothing effect.

They make us feel relaxed.

They make us feel connected.

A river is sort of like time for us.

When we watch the river, it's like we can see time moving and we can also think about deeper things in life, the spiritual things.

I've heard some people make stories of the river and they say that we are like part of the river and we're searching for the sea pretty deep.

Huh? When we come to the sea, then we are part of one everything.

But on a more uh simple level, rivers are a source of life.

We get water from the rivers.

They feed our crops and they feed our animals and they clean us.

I heard a story about Rome.

One of the historians said Rome was largely successful because they got clean water to the citizens.

When we don't have rivers, we make them or at least the Romans did.

They made aqueducts.

So the river helped Rome become a giant civilization.

Without the water to clean and feed us.

We might get diseases because it's dirty.

So rivers are renewing us.

They're cleaning us, they're bringing us life and they're carrying away our garbage.


Rivers are great, aren't they? I hope you live in a country with large, strong, beautiful rivers.

Make it a point to go and visit a river once in a while."