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Scuba Diving

2023-02-04 00:00:00 / episode: 18



scuba diving.

Do you go scuba diving? I know when I was younger I went scuba diving

and I even had some of my own gear scuba diving as mostly thought of as kind of a recreational sport

that people do for fun scuba diving let people explore the underwater world.

And it's also a great excuse to travel to new places.

It's wonderful to go to a new country and dive under the ocean and see different fish and different plants that grow there.

It also is a great opportunity to make friends in order to scuba dive.

You need to get certification because nobody's going to give you the gear that you need to rent to go scuba diving

if they think that you might hurt yourself because they could get in trouble for doing that.

Aside from doing scuba diving for fun though, there are people who do scuba diving as part of their business.

Scientists often are scuba diving to do their research and collect evidence or data or study the behaviors of animals or plants.

There's also people who go underwater scuba diving for construction purposes and they go under for long periods of time.

Sometimes at that level it's a little bit more advanced and complex, but it's still business for them.

You can scuba dive just about anywhere where there's water it seems.

Although I've scuba dived in a few lakes that were pretty boring.

So I wouldn't recommend that getting into the ocean though is much better because there's plants and animals

that are beautiful and you can take wonderful photographs.

Some people go scuba diving way up north in the cold cold seas.

You might say that's terrible.

But in fact in cold water there's a lot more life to see in the warm water, you have to go to a coral reef

and if you go far away from the coral reefs, sometimes the water just seems empty, kind of like a lake.

So cold water diving is another special kind of diving.

Have you ever gone scuba diving?