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2023-10-04 00:00:00 / episode: 261


hi and welcome to the lesperras.com podcast this podcast is for extensive English listening so every day I'll make a new podcast about a different topic that way you can hear lots of different vocabulary and you don't have to listen too long two or 3 minutes

hi and welcome to episode 261 of the lesperras.com podcast.

today's episode is about sharks. sharks are cool, at least I think so they're not really fish

they don't have bones

they do have something like bones it's called cartilage

that's the soft bone that can bend and twist you find it in your nose and in your ears it's kind of hard but it's not really hard like a bone but sharks do have very hard and sharp teeth and they can be Danger dangerous

however most shark attacks on humans the shark didn't actually want to eat the human

it made a mistake they think and it was trying to hunt something else so next time you're out in the water try not to look like anything else and pay attention to shark dangerous areas I wouldn't go swimming there

at any rate some people like to eat shark fins I'm not sure exactly why but they say it has some health benefit and I don't think it's really been strongly proven

it's more like a myth and it's led to a lot of over fishing of sharks so some of the sharks are actually in in a bit of trouble and I haven't heard of anybody eating shark meat so if they kill the shark for the fins you can imagine the rest of the body probably gets wasted somehow and that sounds like well not very good

so I I don't want to eat shark fin soup or partake of the health benefits of that

anyway I would like to go shark fishing or a part of me would like to go shark fishing

but again it's wasteful and we don't need to fish the Sharks but I remember as a boy hearing that sharks especially the mako shark jump out of the water two or three meters when they're caught and they can be quite challenging to catch

on the other hand you could catch a sailfish uh maybe a swordfish and those ones we can eat so catching those wouldn't be as bad for sport fishing

let's leave the sharks be because most of them mean no harm to us and they just want to live peacefully thanks for listening