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2023-07-06 00:00:00 / episode: 171



"Do you wear slippers? Do you have slippers in your house? When I was growing up in Canada? My mother always made me take off my shoes.

When I came inside the house, I had to leave my shoes in the entrance.

But after that, it was finished, I walked around the house in sock feet.

We didn't have slippers.

I was quite surprised when I came to Japan, I went to visit a friend and in the entrance, naturally, I took off my shoes just like home.

But my friend put down slippers for me.

I couldn't believe it.

I've never been uh confronted with slippers before.

Naturally I wore them.

But I felt strange to me.

I don't wear slippers around the house and somehow it has the image of something that only the rich and wealthy British kings and queens would do.

I didn't feel comfortable wearing slippers and I still don't like wearing slippers inside the house because they can come off so easily.

I feel I don't need them.

On the other hand, I have a problem at work.

I take off my shoes when I go into my, my school, but I don't put on indoor shoes and I don't wear slippers, as I said, I don't like the slippers because they fall off.

But the problem with wearing sock feet is your socks wear out quickly.

You get holes in the socks.

Slippers are a great way to preserve your socks.

And when you change your socks regularly and you wear slippers, you can reduce a lot of things.

It's healthier and it's cleaner and your house is less smelly.

I had a friend who once wore his shoes all the time except when he came into my house and then when he took off his shoes.

Oh, my goodness.

They were so stinky.

He was embarrassed by it.

So I recommend wearing slippers to preserve your socks and I recommend taking off shoes when you go inside."