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Sports Watches

2023-05-09 00:00:00 / episode: 113



"Sports watches.

This is kind of connected with yesterday's topic of clocks.

Sports watches are just a very, very specialized kind of clock.

It's a watch that you wear on your wrist.

But these days I'm, I'm wondering if sports watches really means smart watches.

The cost of the, the really good smart watches is pretty high.

But a friend of mine recently told me about a smart watch that was very reasonably priced and the old sports watches.

Well, they didn't have a lot of sports watch functions.

There was a, a stop watch and a timer you could have maybe a basil, a basil is a thing on the outside and it, if you, uh, it's a marker to see where you start and stop the time so you can see how much time has passed.


Um, it's kind, it's kind of hard to describe on, on a podcast, but a nice video would show it easily.

Anyway, some of those, uh, sports watches were electronic watches, not mechanical.

However, today I think most of the sports watches are all electronic because they're gonna be smart watches and they don't have one function inside.

They have lots of functions.

My friend told me about her smart watch.

She said that it can measure her heartbeat, it can measure her uh blood pressure, it can measure her sleep and tell if, if she's getting a good sleep or not, all those things are important if you're playing sports.

And I have another uh friend who has a smart watch, a sports smart watch and he can measure his footsteps and how far it is between the steps.

So he can see if he should run uh with longer strides or shorter strides to go faster or slower these days.

The number of functions that sport watches have is exploding.

There's just so many functions I couldn't possibly list them all here.

But if you play sports, I think that you would probably be really interested in getting a new sports watch or a smart watch for that sport.

What do you think?"