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2023-04-01 00:00:00 / episode: 75



"Hi, I'm here to talk about sugar today.

What do you know about sugar? Well, most people think sugar is the white stuff that we buy in the store and that's really what it is.

It's that sweet white powder that we buy in the store.

However, in fact, as a chemist, sugar is a big collection of many, many different things.

Some sugars are simple and some sugars are complex.

The sugar that we buy in the store is technically called sucrose and it's made of two other sugars that are glued together.

One of those sugars is called fructose.

It turns out that fructose is not really healthy for us at all.

We can't use it directly.

We have to do fancy things with it in the body and it's kind of like a poison.

It often gets stored in the liver and it builds up fatty tissue in the liver and it can make the liver really unhealthy.

It's really strange but people who eat too much sugar can often get the same kind of disease as people who drink too much alcohol.

So sugar, the white sugar that you buy in the store or the sugar that's added to many, many foods is really not healthy for us.

Of course, a little is ok and you can use it to add a little flavor to your regular meal, but too much is just not a good idea and we should avoid it.

Sugar has also been linked to uh different problems with our mood and controlling our moods.

So if you could cut back on sugar, that might be a good idea.

There are a lot of other flavors in our, in our foods and we could have great flavors without having to resort to the sweet flavor of sugar.

Now, let's see.

Could we use artificial sweeteners? Well, they bring a whole range of new problems that I don't have time to talk about here at any rate.

Please be careful with your consumption of sugar."