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Sugar Detox

2023-12-16 00:00:00 / episode: 334


Sugar is dangerous.

It is more dangerous than we thought,

and could be causing us to spend far more on health than we need to.

Let’s talk about the why, the who, the how, and the what next of sugar detox.


Hi and welcome to the Les Perras podcast episode number 334.

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to help you expand your listening vocabulary.

Today's podcast episode is about hardwood floors.


Why should you do a sugar detox?

Well to begin with, sugar is not very healthy for us.

White sugar that's added to cooking is sucrose which has fructose in it.

Fructose is bad for you.

Your body can't easily digest it.

It can lead to fatty liver disease if you take too much.

Sugar also makes you gain weight, and it leads to premature ageing of your skin.

It makes you fat, ugly and old.


Just about everybody is eating too much sugar.

Most of us are eating the sugar in places that we don't even know about.

A classic example a few years ago was fizzy drinks like Coca-Cola.

Many people didn't know how much sugar was in these drinks.

There's a shocking amount in these drinks.

Now some people drink zero Coke.

That's fine but there's still lots of sugar in all the other things that we're eating.

So just about anybody would benefit from quitting sugar.


The simplest way to quit sugar is to go on a no sugar diet.

Go cold turkey.

Start cooking all your food from real food.

Don't have pre-processed or instant foods because then you know what's in it.

Pre-process and instant foods may be healthy, but they may not be healthy, and it's difficult and a pain in the neck to find out.

If you go shopping in the supermarket, buy food that looks like it does in nature.

When you buy broccoli you're getting the broccoli as it looks like when it's growing out of the ground.

Meat looks like meat after the animals are butchered.

Ground beef and sausages don't.

They've been processed.

But simply sliced and cut meat is okay.

Nuts are great when they're nuts.

If it looks like it does in nature, then you can get it.

Cook like that for a week.

Don't get many fruits.

They have lots of sugar in them too.

What next?

After that you can gradually start adding fruits, and other foods that might have sugars in them.

But always check to see if it has sugar in it before you buy it.

And always be aware of just how much you are adding to your diet.

You'll be healthier and younger and happier.

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