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2023-10-30 00:00:00 / episode: 287


Hi and welcome to the Les Perras podcast today.

You're listening to episode 287.

And I wanna talk about sunburn today.

I used to do a lot of mountain climbing.

About 30 years ago.

My friend and I went up a mountain.

We were ski mountaineering.

So we were skiing on the snow all day long.

We put on our sunscreen on our faces.

We thought, oh, it's ok.

We're gonna be wearing long sleeves and gloves.

So we don't need sunscreen on our arms.

We've got clothes on that should protect us about three hours into the climb.

We got hot and we took off our jackets.

We still had our long sleeved shirts on and our mitts.

So it was ok.

But that night when we got down, he said, gee, my wrists hurt as it turns out his uh, wrists were sunburned because the sleeve and the mitt didn't quite meet and there was an open spot for his hand to get exposed to the sun.

That was terrible.

His skin began to peel and blister and it was red the next day he was in great pain and he couldn't touch that area of his body before you go out in the sun, put on the sunscreen, get a strong level of sunscreen these days, you're probably safe with a level 50 protection.

Whatever you choose, make sure you put on the sunscreen.

15 minutes before you go outside, the sun's ultraviolet rays.

The UV rays are very powerful and they can go through clouds.

Of course, they, they can't go through very, very thick clouds.

So if it's a heavy cloudy day, you might have some safety.

But why take the chance, put on the sunscreen and if you get sunburns, it increases your chance of having cancer in the future.

You don't want to have sunburn because a, it's really painful.

B it's a little bit dangerous.

So every time you go out, if you're at the beach or if you're going skiing, you want sunscreen, of course.

But even in your daily life, it turns out that daily re uh exposure to the sun, going outside, walking to the store, walking to the station, that kind of activity increases your exposure to the sun and your skin ages faster.

You can help prevent that with sunscreen, but don't get a sunburn.

Sunburns are painful.

Thanks for listening.

Go out and play safe.