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2023-10-16 00:00:00 / episode: 273


Ah, hello, welcome to the Les Perras podcast today.

This is episode 273 about sunsets.

Let me start today's story about uh five years ago, I was in Canada.

My parents have passed away and my sister had some of the things in her house.

She pointed them out to me and she said, les you didn't get any of these things.

Do you want anything? I told her? No, I don't want anything, everything I have or everything that I want is between my ears.

I still feel that way today and that goes for sunsets.

I love sunsets.

Sunsets are beautiful.

The color of the light is magic, it turns yellow and then orangey and then sometimes even red and the, the skies become crimson and purple.

The colors are beautiful.

I find this in particular, uh much stronger in northern Canada.

I used to go to the lake as a child and I remember sitting on the beach watching a beautiful sunset.

I think it's because it takes a long time for the sun to set in the north.

When you get to the equator, the sunset is about 10 seconds.

Maybe one minute.

I, if you're lucky.

But up in Canada, northern Canada, the sunset can go for hours.

I remember sitting on the beach for an hour or an hour and a half watching the sky turn colors.

All those sunsets are between my ears.

I remember them now.

I can't say I remember everything.

No, but I do remember a lot of them and I remember the feelings and the sounds.

I remember the air.

Sunsets are beautiful in the summer time.

In the winter, the sunsets are much harsher.

They're colder and I, I wasn't much of a fan of sunset in the winter.

I'd rather be inside maybe in my tent or in my house and it's just getting dark quickly and it's very cold.

But in the summertime you can sit outside, maybe have a campfire and watch the beautiful s uh, sky change color.

You get all the different colors through the sky as it becomes darker and darker.

Go out, find a beach, go to northern Canada if you can sit on the beach and watch the sunset.

I guarantee you.

You won't be disappointed.

Thanks for listening to the Les Perras podcast today.