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Taking Out Garbage

2023-02-10 00:00:00 / episode: 24



Taking out the garbage unless you're super rich and have servants to do all your work

You probably have to take out the garbage sometimes

Well, maybe not

It depends on your house and your family

When I was growing up, I had to take out the garbage back in Canada or sometimes my dad did it

I read about another country,

South Korea where garbage duty taking out the garbage is a duty that revolves throughout the family

Everybody takes turns

So that seems a little more fair right now

I live in Japan and I'm married to a Japanese woman

and she wants me to take out the garbage on the days that I can't

She asks my younger son to take out the garbage

So it's kind of a guy thing

What happens after the garbage is taken out?

That depends on the country you live in, in Canada

Most of the garbage goes into landfills

And I think that's true also in basically America, that's probably true

In a lot of countries I was reading about India

where they take the garbage to the landfill and they burn it there here in Japan

Most of the garbage gets burned in an incinerator

So there's no landfills

Honestly, it's a problem

If you burn it, you have problems with all that noxious smoke

and maybe some heavy metals going out into the air

If you try and put it in a landfill, it just piles up and you never get rid of the garbage

It just sits there

The only thing that I can think of as a solution is to try

and discourage our consumer society or make more products that are biodegradable

Well, it sounds fairly simple, but in fact, it's a tough thing to do

Most people don't want biodegradable things

and a lot of people like to consume and then buy another new one

It's a consumer society

We have to get rid of our addiction to buying things

What do you think?