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2023-08-24 00:00:00 / episode: 220



"Tires, you have tires on your car and tires on your bicycle, tires, on motorcycles and tires on all sorts of other vehicles, including airplanes.

Well, let's go to the car tires for a moment.

I was surprised when I came to Japan.

There's summer tires and winter tires in Japan.

We don't have that in Canada.

Of course, we do have that, but most people don't buy summer tires and winter tires, they buy all season tires, which are, I think it's a lot cheaper and more convenient.

You don't have to change them.

So, going from country to country, the style of tire use is different and the, the way that the tires get worn down is different when I was in Africa, driving around, my tires wore out a lot faster.

Maybe that's my fault because I like to take long road trips in Africa.

I was there and I didn't have, I wasn't living permanently in Africa, so I really wanted to travel and see the place and I drove far, far away to really cool places.

Now the other day I was watching TV.

Actually, no, it was youtube and I discovered a new kind of tire, the tire that they put on the moon buggy.

When they go to the moon, the real moon up in the sky.

NASA had trouble because they couldn't use regular car tires.

If you fill them with air and put them out of space, they will explode.

And if you make a very, very hard tire with no air inside it, then eventually the machine is going to break as it goes over bumps and rocks because of all the vibration, they had to make a special tire that didn't use air but still absorb some of the shock of going over rocks and bumps.

And it was really fantastic.

It was like a giant round spring.

I can't really describe it.

Of course, the material to make the tire was special too and they're probably really expensive.

They said that they're going to use them in the future on our car tires and bicycle tires because you can't puncture them.

You could shoot it or stick a knife in it, but there's no air.

So it continues to work nicely.


What a great tire."