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Toilet Paper

2023-08-05 00:00:00 / episode: 201



"Toilet paper.

Oh, my goodness.

What a topic to talk about? Toilet paper was designed and invented for us to clean our bums.


Speaking, of course, you might ask, when was toilet paper invented? Uh, well, in the west, the actual paper for toilet paper came out in the late 18 hundreds, but they had been using toilet paper in China quite a bit longer than that.

I think in the 14 hundreds, they, they have evidence of paper being used in the toilet.

And before that, what did they use? Of course, that's a question many people might be asking and it's something that we don't know completely, but the Romans used sponges and sometimes they used bits of pottery and in China they used pieces of bamboo to clean their backsides.

But we're talking about toilet paper here.

So let's come back to toilet paper.

What are some other uses for toilet paper? A lot of people use toilet paper for getting insects or wiping poop off their shoes if they step in dog poop when they're walking down the road and some people take the toilet paper with them to clean up their dog's poo.

When they're walking with the dog.

There are more fun uses of toilet paper too.

Some people, toilet paper, other people's houses that means they actually wrap the house in toilet paper.

And there was a time when I used toilet paper as a game in a Halloween party, people had to wrap up other people to make them look like mummies.

And we use toilet paper because it's great and cheap and easy to use.

Some people use toilet paper for making decorative flowers.

And I'm sure there are other uses of toilet paper that you've thought of or, or done yourself.

Let me know any novel uses for toilet paper that you can think of."