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Tooth Straightening

2023-07-30 00:00:00 / episode: 195



"Tooth straightening.

Have you gotten your teeth straightened? Anyone, you know, getting their teeth straightened? I did when I was young, I'll never forget it.

I went to an orthodontist.

That's the special name we have in English for the person who does this tooth straightening.

They're a little bit different from a dentist.

The orthodontist put braces on my teeth.

He attached little uh metal fasteners onto each tooth and tied them together with a wire.

But in addition to that, he also did dental surgery.

He was cutting and chopping some of the, some of the muscles that were pulling the teeth so they would stop pulling the teeth.

It was horrible.

Every, let's say, six weeks or two months, I went to the dentist and he changed that wire and he made it tighter.

And every time I came back from the dentist, my feet, my teeth felt tight, but it was ok until the next day.

Then it was horribly painful.

I couldn't eat, I had to drink all day or I could eat really, really soft food and my teeth hurt quite a bit for about three days.

Then it got better.

It was also really difficult to brush the teeth.

I will never forget that.

Now, my sons are going to an orthodontist to get their teeth straightened.

It's much, much easier.

They don't have braces that are attached to the teeth.

They have a retainer, a little metal fixture that they put in their mouth at nighttime.

I think they also had one during the daytime, but they could take it out while they were eating the whole effect is that it's not as painful and it's slower and it's maybe, I don't know, but I think it's more expensive because my, my situation was done in two or 2.5 years.

I can't remember exactly.

And these, these two boys of mine, they're going like 67 years.

I, I, I haven't counted anymore.

They just keep going back and getting more treatment.

So I think that it's less painful and I hope that it's more permanent, but I know that it's more expensive.

Have you gotten your teeth straightened? Tell me about it."