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2023-11-08 00:00:00 / episode: 296


I'm going to share my idea about how we’ve all been duped by the Toothpaste companies.

They are taking advantage of our fear and desire to be healthy.

Thanks for joining me today on the les perras podcast,episode 296 and for today’s extensive

English listening topic I’m going to talk about toothpaste.


This is probably one of those uncommon little items that pop up in your daily life that you

don't give any attention to but actually have some really strange quirks to them.

For instance, did you ever think about the toothpaste commercials that you saw either in

magazines or on TV?


They're absolutely disgusting.

What do I mean by that?

Well if you look they put gobs and gobs of toothpaste onto the toothbrush.

It's absolutely disgusting how much toothpaste they put on the toothbrush and they're trying

to encourage you and I to put as much on our toothbrushes as they put in their


I can't imagine any rational person doing such a thing.

You'd be throwing away pounds and pounds of toothpaste every month if you used as much

as they suggest.

The amount of toothpaste that you really need on your toothbrushes is a fraction of what

they show on those ads.

Even Worse Then toothpaste comes in a bewildering variety of flavors and colors.

Yes colors.

When I was a kid growing up toothpaste was white and that was it.

One day somebody came along and made white and blue toothpaste.

And then to top it off they made a white, blue and red toothpaste with lines in it, if you can

imagine that!

Like I really need color and lines in my toothpaste looking at me when I go to brush my teeth

in the morning.

I can't imagine how colored lines could make you more cheerful or brighten up your day.

And I can't imagine what other purpose they could be intended for other than marketing.

They are trying to convince us that there's more goodies in those toothpastes that will make

our teeth bright and white and stronger.

Of course blue and yellow paste have very little connection with making my teeth white as far

as I'm concerned. So I think it's more of a marketing gimmick to get kids to make their mothers buy that toothpaste.

Make it Yourself

In fact it's almost enough to make me want to go out and make my own toothpaste.

I'm sure that if you had to do it yourself you could make toothpaste for a fraction of the cost.


You might have that rather plain flavor to deal with but honestly that can't be worse than the bubble gum flavors that they put in the toothpaste these days.

Or those minty toothpastes that make you feel sick.

The flavors in the toothpaste are far stronger than they need to be

Maybe people feel that that's just getting rid of their bad breath

but really they're going to wash all the toothpaste out and spit it down the sink.

So you're only fooling yourself.

A homemade toothpaste is far more likely to get our teeth in good shape for a fraction of the

cost of commercial toothpaste.

Do it yourself toothpastes have been around for thousands of years.

After all, the Romans didn't have toothpaste companies making toothpaste.

They made their own.

So there's lots of ways to make the homemade toothpaste, the question is why don't more

people do it?

I think we've all been tricked by the companies into paying a lot of money for toothpaste.

It might even save the environment if we had to go out and make our own toothpaste.

You see, we'd use less of the things that were spitting down the sink everyday.

Would you consider making your own homemade toothpaste?

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