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2023-05-16 00:00:00 / episode: 120




Now, this is an interesting topic for me because I grew up in Canada and now I live in Japan and trains are extremely different between Canada and Japan.

You could say trains are a way of tying the nation together.

We first used trains in Canada to tie the nation together to tie the east coast and the west coast.

And now we could have trade and communication on the trains.

Japan is tying the nation together by helping people get to their work on trains and they needed the trains in order to facilitate the push into the modern industrial society to get people from their homes to work.

That's totally different from Canada.

In Canada, trains are all cargo trains.

There are some subways and there are a few uh trains in the cities, but they're very few and limited compared to Japan.

And in Japan, there are freight trains but you almost never seen them in 20 years.

I think I've seen two freight trains in Japan.

Trains here are for people and trains in Canada are for grain and oil.

So this is a big difference between the the two countries.

How about your country.

What's the image of trains in your country? And what's your image of trains? Do you ride a train to work or do you ride a train in any of your daily activities or weekly or monthly activities? Do you view trains as a fun place to go or as a chore? Because they're an unpleasant, how can we make riding on trains more pleasant? Of course, we've got those wonderful colored seats and we have manners on trains so that we don't bother each other and can live together peacefully.

But aside from that, what can we do to make trains more, more pleasant? There's a lot of things, let's try and make a list sometime."