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Triple Pane Windows

2023-05-23 00:00:00 / episode: 127



"Triple pane windows.

These are great inventions a long time ago, just after university, I moved to Africa and in Africa, we had these windows in the house, they were single pay windows.

That means that there is one sheet of glass in the window.

Back home in Canada, most windows were double pane windows.

That meant that there were two sheets of glass in the window with a small air space between them.

Now, the fancier windows, they didn't have air in the airspace.

They had a special gas.

The advantage of a double pan window is that it saves energy, less heat can go out through the window.

Windows are terrible in houses for losing heat.

If you want to get a cold house, have lots of windows.

Even if the window is never open, they get the house colder faster.

So in Canada, they invented the triple playing window because it's really cold in Canada in the winter minus 30 minus 40 is not a strange uh temperature in the wintertime.

The triple pane windows.

Have you guessed it? Three sheets of glass lined up in a row in the window with spaces between them and of course they have a special gas, not just air, although air would be good too, they have a different gas in the window spaces.

These windows are very energy efficient.

Not much heat can get out through these windows, but light can come in and the light from the sun brings a lot of heat.

So in the winter time, if you have a south facing window, you can sit in the window on a sunny day and feel gloriously warm.

Even when it's minus 20 or minus 30 outside.

Triple pay windows are the way to go.

They're a bit more expensive.

But I believe you're gonna save money in the long run because you're not gonna lose heat when you heat your house and the heat stays inside."