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2023-04-24 00:00:00 / episode: 98




Can you type on a keyboard? When I was in high school? I took a typing class.

I didn't get very good.

We measure typing in English in words per minute.

I think I was about 25 maybe I went up to 30 words per minute and I didn't know the numbers and I didn't know the special symbols like the and, and the AMP or sound and the at.

So I wasn't a very good typer.

Then I stopped typing for a long time and now I'm typing again because I program a lot.

I think typing is a really good skill to have because you can contact people without speaking.

You can use text.

Now, a lot of people use text on their smartphones.

Me personally, I don't wanna do that.

I hate communicating on the smartphone because the screen is too small.

I love email because I can use both fingers and go way faster.

On the other hand, right now, I'm speaking into my podcast.

I'm recording my voice and that means I don't need to type.

I wonder if the next generation doesn't need to type.

In fact, these days, artificial intelligence.

Is going crazy and it seems like we don't need to type, but something about artificial intelligence just strikes me as wrong.

I don't trust it.

I think that maybe somebody's gonna keep my data if I can interact with the computer directly to program it or to send emails, I feel safer.

How about you? Can you type and can you type fast enough that it's not a bother for you? And what do you think? Should we teach, teach typing in schools? Maybe the kids need to type.

Let me know what you think.