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2023-08-21 00:00:00 / episode: 217



"Umbrellas aren't those wonderful things when I was a child? I remember thinking umbrellas.


I wish I had one.

And then I was glad that I didn't have one umbrellas are a pain in the neck.

Why didn't I have one when I was a child? Well, you see, in Canada, most people don't wear or don't use umbrellas, they wear raincoats.

I had a rain coat that I wore to school on a rainy day and we hung our raincoats in the same room as the boots so that you could keep the wet stuff outside of the classroom.

So we didn't need umbrellas and they were kind of pointless.

Furthermore, they're easy to forget and they're easy to break.

So I really enjoyed not having an umbrella.

When I came to Japan.

I was shocked because everybody had umbrellas and the, the sort of infrastructure is not set up for raincoats.

There's nice, there isn't a nice convenient place to hang your raincoat in the entrance when it's drippy and wett.

So you have to have an umbrella.

Otherwise you're gonna make somebody's house or building all wet inside.

When you come in with your wet raincoat So everybody has umbrellas here and it makes it hard to walk on the sidewalks.

You can't get as close because your umbrellas are gonna bump into each other.

But it's certainly colorful and it gives kids a great thing to fight with in the streets.

Have you ever noticed when the Children are walking home from school after a rainy day? If it's not raining up, they love playing, fight with the umbrellas.

My son broke several umbrellas that way and I'm sure that you've heard stories of other Children, maybe you yourself broke an umbrella by fighting with it.

So I think it's also an extra cost.

I wish that we could just go back to plain old raincoats because then I don't need to buy a coat and an umbrella and there's one less thing to forget and there's one less thing to carry around and hit people with by mistake.

So I'm kind of against umbrellas.

If you haven't noticed, please join me and make the world umbrella free so that we can live in peace and harmony."