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2023-01-27 00:00:00 / episode: 10




for many people, university is the ticket to a higher paying job

and for other people it's the ticket to a highly rewarding job

that they can really get interested in.

Either way first, you have to get into university and it's that time of year here in Japan

right now, my son is studying hard for his university entrance exams.

Most countries around the world have entrance exams.

There might be other requirements to get into the universities.

For instance, in Canada, I think you have to have a high school diploma.

Other places might ask for references or a personal statement.

Aside from that, the tests themselves seem to be standardized

France has standardized exams to get into university Across the country.

America has the famous S A. T exam, but when I got into university I only wrote one exam.

It was the writing test just to ensure that I had a basic writing competency.

After that, hey just looked at my high school marks, it was easy for me.

Did you graduate from university?

How difficult was it to get into your university?

Perhaps you're a student and you're thinking about getting into university today.

What are the steps you have to take to prepare yourself for entrance into university?