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Utada Hikaru

2023-02-21 00:00:00 / episode: 36



Utada Hikaru is a pretty famous Japanese musician and singer.

She became famous roughly the same time that I came to Japan for the first time,

I shouldn't say first time I've stayed in Japan, so I'm still here.

But when I came here she was just getting big.

Now I've done a little bit of research on you today, Hikaru and I found out a few impressive things.

one, she was not just famous in Japan, she was famous internationally.

Number two, she can speak english, I'm not sure exactly how well she can speak english,

but it's more than just a couple of phrases.

She actually makes conversations.

She's also contributed to various causes.

She helped against the fight against AIDS and she's tried to promote healthy lifestyles.

That's a nice connection with yesterday's podcast.

She's a real icon of japanese pop music and she has a very, very powerful emotive vocal style.

A lot of her songs are written about themes of love and loss and she's collaborated with international artists

ncluding Pharrell Williams and Skrillex actually, I don't know Skrillex very well, but after this podcast I'm gonna go find out a bit.

She's been awarded lots of awards.

She got the Japan record awards and the MTV video music awards in Japan.

She also got the Order of the Rising Sun from the Japanese government for her contributions to music in Japan.

Now the last thing is pretty amazing.

She was the first Japanese solo solo artist to be inducted into the Hollywood rock walk.

That's pretty impressive, considering it was as a solo artist, not as some kind of team or a group effort.

Utada Hikaru is quite an impressive person.