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Waking Up

2023-02-03 00:00:00 / episode: 17



waking up.

I've heard that waking up can be a challenge for many people now.

That kind of depends on how much rest you get I think.

But it can be really difficult to must drop energy and get the day started.

However, there are a couple of remedies to combat this problem.

Some of them are pretty ordinary and some of them are a little bit more unusual.

Many people just use an alarm to wake up in the morning

and they set the alarm with a pleasant sound or maybe an unpleasant sound.

I have heard stories where people get two alarms and they have one alarm far away.

So in order to stop the sound they must get out of bed.

Some other people like to use caffeine to wake up

and increase their awake nous and some people use a timing method.

It's a little bit unusual but I think it's pretty sound scientifically.

You just count your sleep cycles which are about 90 minutes long and you make sure that you're waking up in the morning at the time whe your sleep cycle is at its lowest.

Other people like to use cold showers to wake up and

I've even heard of essential oils for helping you become a little bit more alert in a kind of pleasant way.

There's also people who use bright lights when they wake up in the morning

because they think that the light at least the scientists have told us

bright light on the skin can help you start to become more awake as it increases melatonin production in your body.

There's a whole science behind sleeping and the scientists don't know all the answers yet,

but it's quite interesting and I want to study more about it.

Maybe so I can get a better sleep every night.

But I think that's the best thing.

Just go to bed at a good time and get enough sleep every night.

What do you think?