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2023-01-24 00:00:00 / episode: 7



I have a business.

I want to run my business better,

so I joined a mailing list.

The man sends me emails about how I can make my business better.

In one of his emails he talked about watches.

He talked about how he didn't have a watch for many many years

but when the apple smart watch came out he was interested in it

and so he bought a smart watch

and then he became more insterested

and started to learn about other smart watches

and his passion developed

he started to looked into fashion watches and status watches

Rolex is a popular brand name

and it's a status symbol among watches

all the parts are made with the finest quality materials

and it's really really sharp.

They come in many shapes and sizes.

There's also watches that are timeless pieces

they were made a long time ago they're very valuable

and at the same time simple.

Some of the watches today are still operating from a hand -

hand cranked I'd like to say,

you wind it up

it's a wind up watch

but other watches run from batteries

and yet other watches are using the sun or light to make them go.

As I said, there's all sorts of watches.

Even more amazing is the diversity for prices for these watches

some of the watches are dirt cheap

you can get them in a 100 yen store or a dollar store

other watches are thousands of dollars,

even tens of thousands of dollars

I think there's watches out there that are more expensive than my car

I just can't understand why people would buy such a thing

on the other hand there's a lot of things in this world that I can't understand.

Do you like watches too?

I actually don't like watches

i find the hardest part of the watch is remembering to put it on and remembering to take it off

and I almost inevitably forget it or lose it just when I get used to it.

So I've decided not to wear a watch.

How about you?