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2023-04-09 00:00:00 / episode: 83




They truly are enormous creatures.

It's interesting because I've never actually seen a whale in uh in the wild.

I've seen uh work which are killer whales and I've seen them in the uh in the marine shows, but I haven't actually seen a whale out in the ocean, swimming swimming freely now.

I don't spend much time at the ocean, but I would love to go on a boat to see the whales.

On the other hand, I've also heard that too many people get on the boats to go see the whales and it's kind of disturbing the whales.

Also, some people like to eat whales.


That's an interesting discussion.

Many people like to eat cows, but they think that eating whales is bad.

I wonder about that.

Um I suppose the thing about cows is it's more of a cultural thing.

We've gotten used to it.

But a lot of people think that eating whales is terrible because they're mammals and they're very intelligent.

Now, that's another question.

Just how intelligent are they, they do make sounds and they seem to talk to each other with their sounds underwater and now we're using computer programs to try to understand their language.

It seems that it's quite complex indeed.

And the language can travel for hundreds, if not thousands of kilometers underwater.

So, what are, what are these animals? Can they really talk to each other? And if we learn their language, could we talk with them? Some scientists have used dolphins to uh to study language and to see if we can talk to the dolphins and get them to do things.

Of course, we can train dolphins but can we work as partners with them? And if we did, what kind of partnership would it be? Anyway, whales are fascinating creatures and I hope that we don't destroy the environment so they can't live there anymore.

Let's keep the whales going as much as they can.

Thanks for listening."