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Who needs Barefoot Shoes?

2023-12-25 00:00:00 / episode: 343


Which is better, barefoot shoes or regular shoes? Recently, there's been a whole bunch of news about barefoot shoes and how they're good for your health, prevent injuries, and all sorts of things. I started to wonder: should I get barefoot shoes or should I just keep on buying my regular, ordinary shoes? I did a bit of research into it, and I'm going to tell you what I found out in this video. Hi and welcome to the Les Perras podcast episode 343, which is about running shoes and whether you should get barefoot shoes or regular shoes

benefits of barefoot shoes

Less stress on joints When you run you don’t run on your heels there is less stress transmitted up through the heel into the joints like the knees.

Less overall pain in the feet, legs, and lower back Again, this is due to the change in your stride because you are not planting your foot on the heel with every step.

Improved balance and posture By not using your heel so much, you must coordinate the muscles of the foot with the rest of the body, and you become more sensitive to balance.

Higher calorie burn You are using more muscles to coordinate the skeleton as opposed to transmitting the force through the bones, so this burns more calories.

Increased range of motion in ankle and foot As you use the foot more, you develop stronger foot muscles, but also push the foot into a wider range of positions so the range of motion becomes increased.

Benefits of regular shoes

they give good arch support You have arch support built in to the shoe.

They provide cushioning when you're running There is so much cushioning to allow you to plant your heel on every step.

there are so many more to choose from They are the traditional shoe so there is already a wide range of fashions to choose from.

you can buy them anywhere Being the default shoe they are already well stocked in all shoe stores.

Who are you?

Whether you need barefoot shoes or regular shoes is a question that really depends on who you are and what your needs are. If you're a runner, you might think about it seriously. If you're not a runner, you might not think about it at all. If you're into health, you might want to use barefoot shoes if you believe they're healthy for you. if you're into fashion you won't choose barefoot shoes so it depends on who you are

My personal decision

I want to get barefoot shoes because I think it'll give me stronger feet and stronger calves. I don't run regularly so I don't think that I'll have trouble adapting to barefoot shoes. That's one thing I heard about barefoot shoes. people who start wearing them get injured easily. their feet aren't strong enough to walk barefoot. then they walk a lot and they use muscles that they don't usually use. those muscles become painful and sore. then they get injured. I don't think I'll have that problem. I walk around my school Barefoot most of the time. I think I've already built up my muscles. Also I'm not running so I'm not putting stress on those muscles. Getting barefoot shoes highly depends on you, your needs and your lifestyle. I think I could benefit from a pair myself.
Thanks for listening.