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2023-10-21 00:00:00 / episode: 278


Hi and welcome to the Les bears dot com podcast.

This podcast is for extensive English listening.

So, every day I'll make a new podcast about a different topic.

That way you can hear lots of different vocabulary and you don't have to listen too long.

Two or three minutes at best.

Hi, and welcome to the Les Paris podcast.


Today is episode 278.

I'd like to talk about yogurt today.

Do you like yogurt? I hope you do because I like yogurt and I'm gonna talk and say good things about it.

If you're one of those yogurt haters, I apologize in advance.

But I just really like yogurt.

I have yogurt every day.

Of course, I have a few reasons that I have yogurt.

I discovered that my body doesn't like milk.


I, I can't explain it but I found, uh, I have a, I have a rare form of arthritis and if I drink milk, my arthritis becomes quite a bit more painful.

So I don't drink milk, but yogurt's ok.

And I wanna get some sort of calcium every day.

Yogurt also has lots and lots of microorganisms in it.

Micro organisms are critical to your gut health, the health inside your belly, your tummy, your intestines and that gut health is, well, it's really fundamental to your whole life.

Do you know that you've got a brain in your stomach? Of course, it's not really a brain, but they say it's just like a brain.

It's got a lot of nerves and the micro organisms in your gut can talk to your brain through some of the really, really big nerves and it can affect your mood.

It can affect the way you think.

So you wanna get good micro organisms inside your gut and you can get that with yogurt.

So I eat yogurt every day.

Now, another thing that I uh another reason that I eat yogurt is because I like to have Muesli.

I, I was having granola, I think it's healthy.

There's a lot of plant fiber in there.

There's nuts, there's really uh dried fruits and healthy things, but the granola has a lot of sugar in it and I think sugar is pretty bad.

So I went out and I did a little research and I found out Muesli doesn't have sugar and it's really easy to make.

You don't have to bake it.

So I started making my own Muesli, usually all by itself is a bit hard to eat.

So I mix it with yogurt and then it's really, really tasty.

It's really good.

Now, if you don't eat Muesli, I can understand that, but I really recommend having some yogurt and a daily dose of yogurt would be a really good thing.

Uh, yogurt drink might be a good way in Japan here, you can buy small yogurt drinks about this big.

They're a little expensive, quite frankly, but you get your daily dose of micro organisms and that could give you a little bit more balance in your life.

Think about it if you like yoga or, pardon me? If you like yogurt?